ForwardSlash Designs is a Graphic and Web Design studio based in Birmingham, England. Established in 2008, we have made a reputation for delivering creative, clean and unique graphic and web design solutions.


We believe that design is the most important aspect of any business venture, and the right design will help you stand out from the crowd. To get the right formula, we work hard in getting to know our clients and putting together designs that meet both form and function; beautiful designs that serve their purpose.


One of our main objectives is to help businesses grow and develop their own brand identity that sets them apart from the competition. Our design experience covers everything you will need for a successful brand; from brochures and booklets, catalogues and magazines to web design, posters and presentations. Building a strong visual presence isn’t easy, but luckily for you, that’s what we love doing!


Our Process


Although each project is inevitably slightly different, we like to take a systematic approach. We find that this makes the projects ride very simple and pleasant for our clients. Below is the process structure:


process 1


Every project starts with an initial brief. This is where we get to know our client, their company and what they would like to achieve. We learn about the project requirements and the deliverables as well as offering our advice and discussing new possibilities that the client may not be aware of.


After each brief we draw up a quote and a project plan. The project plan helps finalise the project and gives the client confirmation of what will be delivered along with timescales.

process 2

Inspiration and Design

Once we know everything about the project, we begin to brainstorm and collect ideas. During this stage, we sit down and get into the nitty gritty of working out the best possible solution for the project.


Once we have gathered research and worked out a solution, we go through a creative process to generate ideas. This normally involves a few pens and lots of paper! We then transfer our sketches onto computer and get them ready to present to the client.

process 3


Whether developing a brand identity, advertising campaign or a website, this is where the visual identity and the functionality of the project take place. After presenting our ideas to the client, we work on narrowing down our ideas into one final design based on the feedback received. During this phase we are constantly in touch with the client to keep them updated on all the changes and developments along the way.

process 4

Perfect and Develiver

At this stage, perfection is the focus. We keep working on the design, adding that extra attention to detail to give it the ‘wow factor’. Any further changes the client has are also applied to the design. We keep in constant contact with you and send out proofs to ensure that everything is perfect and ready for launch.


The project is then delivered, whether sent to print or uploaded onto the internet. This is a big moment for us, as we are very proud of our work and knowing that yet another successful project has been launched and our clients are happy.

process 5


We strive for long term partnerships with our clients and just because the project is complete, it doesn’t mean we will disappear! We love to hear back from our clients to discuss the project and offer advice on how to get the best out of deliverables. We also offer website maintenance and Analytics services for website projects to help you monitor usage and to make regular updates.